Hot Marketing Trends Moving Into Q3 2017

As business owners, you KNOW how important it is to stay on top of your marketing efforts. Local ads, Chamber of Commerce, Business Card/Flyer door-to-door, having an optimized website – you’ve been taught what efforts, tactics, vendors and models can work for your business and you may have implemented them, which is good. What I stress to many business owner’s themselves is to always pay attention to what is actually working for you at this instant and what will continue to do so moving forward.

“Wait, so you’re telling me that I may be spending all this money on marketing that may not even work?” No, let’s not jump to conclusions just yet. However, what I advise to run your ROI, or in the advertising world ROAS – return on advertising spend – on each of your funnels/branches in your marketing and ensure you’re getting a return. I’ll give you a few examples to make sure the concept can be grasped.

Example 1 – If you’re spending money on actual flyers, labor, hand-outs and the labor the pass them out (otherwise known as traditional marketing), I would include a special tracking number for those efforts to ensure you’re actually getting leads from those efforts.

Example 2 – Let’s say you’re paying a marketing company for Adwords implementation and management and based on the leads coming in, you’re still insure if you’re ad spend and management costs are actually producing positive results. I would reach out to the marketing company running your Adwords to immediately show you their back-end results and give you real-time results in terms of total spend, the leads you’ve received and the CLOSED business you’ve done.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you’re goal in marketing is to produce positive results and scale as efficiently as you can. That’s it (only works if you’re looking to grow your business, FYI). You’re not paying for things or businesses for nothing. Your marketing expenses should be producing a positive effect, which leads to my recommendations as to what is working in 2017 for local, service-based businesses. To those reading this, you’re in luck – I’m about to give some helpful tips that are producing mass results to those businesses that are actually implementing it.

  1. Local SEO is scary in terms of how effective is still is in 2017. More and more companies are hiring marketing experts to tactically and efficiently take their website up the ranks of Google, Bing & Yahoo through clean, white-hat strategies that work. The best part about Local SEO is that most companies having different ways of charging for their services that benefit the business owner. We talked to Larry at HB Pool Service & Spa based out of Huntington Beach, California on how their SEO efforts have helped them tremendously. They’re a premier¬†pool service Huntington Beach¬†company that had Google searches weren’t being funneled to them correctly. Once they hired a company to do their SEO at a month-free trial with free leads, they were instantly impressed and have reached upwards of 400% ROI. Yes, you heard that right.
  2. Facebook Ads is literally the best thing in the digital marketing industry right now. Why you ask? The targeting is amazing, the costs aren’t too high yet and people are always on Facebook or Instagram. Plus, having control over posts that can be shared and commented on by the page themselves that act as sponsored posts (or Ads) are a huge plus. If your SEO is doing well and you’re looking to grow your business through a different funnel, I would highly consider Facebook.

Local SEO and FB ads are seriously producing mass results for so many businesses at the moment. If you’re unsure of how they work, I would Youtube some overview videos on how these two marketing services can greatly increase your business.

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